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Helsinki laboratorio Mehiläinen Puhti

Puhti in brief

At the moment we offer our service in Finland in Finnish, and in Sweden as Vital.

Puhti as a company

Puhti (Puhti Lab Oy) was established in 2018 to offer the best service for measuring and improving health and wellness. Puhti was established around the idea of promoting Finnish wellness and offering an easy way to track one’s own health. Puhti works in close collaboration with customers and professionals. Many experienced physicians participated in designing the service. In the end of 2020 Puhti merged with Mehiläinen (read more).

Key Figures

  • Around 100 000 customers
  • Over 3 000 000 tests analyzed
  • Feedback average 9,5
  • Google reviews 4,9/5

The feedback from our customers is very positive, with 90% of them giving a rating of 10 or 9 in willingness to recommend the service to someone else.

About Us

We believe that everyone deserves more energy. That’s why we want to support Finns in maintaining and improving their wellness and health. 

Many factors contribute to the level of energy we have for our everyday life or exercise, and to how our health will develop in the future. Many of us already track our nutrition, physical activity and our body in different ways. But the most accurate indicator – blood values – too often goes unchecked.

Puhti offers laboratory tests without a doctor’s referral and help with interpreting the results. We help our clients to get a snapshot of their health status, set goals, make the right choices and track the progress.

  • Test packages include important tests impacting health and wellness.
  • All tests are available without a doctor’s referral.
  • Pricing is clear and affordable.
  • Blood tests can be done in 75 laboratories in 50 municipalities in Finland.
  • Results are ready quickly, usually the next day.
  • Results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand report (in Finnish). All the results are clearly visualized. We also explain what the values mean, and how they are impacted by lifestyle, for example.
  • All data remains in Finland in a high-security server facility designed for health services. The data can be accessed only by the individuals involved in the laboratory testing who are needed to provide the service and who have signed a confidentiality statement.
  • Physician advice is separately available.

Miksi Puhti

Helppo – Kotimainen – Nopea

  • Puhti tarjoaa parasta palvelua oman terveyden mittaamiseen ja kehittämiseen.

  • Kaikki testit ilman lääkärin lähetettä.

  • Selkeät paketit ja edullinen hinnoittelu.

  • Näytteenotto Mehiläisen laboratorioissa yli 75 toimipisteessä ympäri Suomen.

  • Suurin osa testeistä analysoidaan Suomessa Mehiläisen laboratorioissa.

  • Tulokset yleensä jo heti seuraavana arkipäivänä.

  • Selkeä ja helppolukuinen tulosraportti.

  • Tarvittaessa voit tilata erikseen Mehiläisen lääkärin neuvonnan testien jälkeen.

  • Saatavilla myös hyvinvointivalmennuksia.

  • Tiedot pysyvät Suomessa korkean turvaluokituksen palvelinsalissa.



4 500 000

testiä analysoitu

Palautteen keskiarvo



4,9 / 5

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