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Laboratory service provider Puhti acquired by Mehiläinen

Puhti Lab Oy, a provider of services to monitor individual wellness, has merged with Mehiläinen through a share transaction. In addition to operations in Finland, BeeHealthy, a new company focusing on Mehiläinen’s international growth, is exploring opportunities to leverage the Puhti concept outside Finland.

Puhti has given customers an easy way to monitor their own health by creating a digital customer path – from choosing laboratory test packages to the reporting of the results.

“Puhti has done a great job in building a new digital service for utilizing laboratory tests. With the acquisition, we will be able to utilize Puhti’s operating platform. Together we will be able to develop the operations from a healthcare perspective. Going forward, we will be able to offer Puhti customers even stronger healthcare professional support for various situations and lifestyle changes,” notes Mehiläinen’s Medical Director Iiro Heikkilä.

Puhti was established in late 2018 as a new service for preventive healthcare. To date, some 30,000 customers have used Puhti’s services. Puhti will become part of Mehiläinen’s network at the beginning of April.

“Mehiläinen’s extensive laboratory network, laboratory services, physician services, and lifestyle coaching offer Puhti customers better service and support the growth of Puhti’s business. Mehiläinen is a frontrunner in offering digital healthcare services also for international markets and thus a natural partner and owner for Puhti,” notes Tero Era, head of the Puhti unit.

Mehiläinen is also exploring internationalization opportunities to leverage the Puhti concept.

“Puhti has also explored global opportunities, and together we will surely have better prerequisites in terms of international plans. In fact, Mehiläinen’s BeeHealthy will now actively begin exploring the international opportunities offered by the Puhti concept,” says Mehiläinen’s Anssi Hartiala, Managing Director, Private Healthcare.

Puhti’s team will continue developing the service in collaboration with Mehiläinen’s experts.

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