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Puhti Lab Oy

About us

The basis of Puhti

We believe that everyone deserves more energy. That’s why we want to support Finns in maintaining and improving their wellness and health. 

Many factors contribute to the level of energy we have for our everyday life or exercise, and to how our health will develop in the future. Many of us already track our nutrition, physical activity and our body in different ways. But the most accurate indicator – blood values – too often goes unchecked.

Puhti offers laboratory tests without a doctor’s referral and help with interpreting the results. We help our clients to get a snapshot of their health status, set goals, make the right choices and track the progress.

Puhti as a company

Puhti (Puhti Lab Oy) was established in 2018 to offer the best service for measuring and improving health and wellness. Puhti was established around the idea of promoting Finnish wellness and offering an easy way to track one’s own health. Puhti works in close collaboration with customers and professionals. Many experienced physicians participated in designing the service. In the end of 2020 Puhti merged with Mehiläinen (read more).

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