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The test is personal; the order must be made with your own information. If you want to order a test for someone else, you can purchase a gift card. 

The results will be displayed in the electronic My Journal report, which is logged in using Finnish online banking credentials or mobile authentication. 


In our opinion, the interpretation of laboratory results does not need to be difficult. That is why we have made the report very visually clear and easy to read. The report shows whether your results fall within the reference values and what the different values mean. We will tell you what the different indicators are connected to and how you can influence them. 

Through Puhti, you can also easily book a remote appointment with a doctor as a separate service, during which you can go through all the results. 

However, our test packages do not include a personal interpretation or diagnosis of your results by a doctor. Always consult a doctor if you suspect a disease or have symptoms. 

First, order the tests on the Puhti website. After that, you will receive instructions for testing. The sample collection takes place at Mehiläinen laboratories, available in about 75 locations in 50 different cities. Please note! Most of the Mehiläinen laboratories serve customers only by appointment. You can see the locations of Mehiläinen laboratories here. You can book an appointment for laboratory testing here. 

When making an electronic appointment, you will need to re-authenticate with your online banking credentials and, as a Puhti customer, click on “prepaid service” in the “Payment method” menu.

The tests in the order are taken at the same time; tests in the same order cannot be divided into different testing days. 

No sampling fee will be added to health examinations. No sampling fee (EUR 10) for orders over EUR 40. 

No fees are charged at the laboratory’s register. 

Consultation with a doctor on the results after the tests EUR 64.90. 

We automatically transfer the order information to Mehiläinen’s laboratory system. This means that you do not have to bring your Puhti order information or receipt to the laboratory. However, remember to bring proof of identity with you when arriving at the laboratory for the tests.  

Customers over the age of 15 can order Puhti tests. The young person must have their own online banking credentials so that they can view their results in My journal. 

If the young person is a minor, we recommend that you talk to a doctor about the young person’s condition and their need for laboratory tests. Always consult a doctor first if there are any symptoms or suspicions of illness. 

If you wish to order tests for more than one young person, the orders must be placed separately. This is because we need the personal details of the person to be tested when placing the order. 

Add the desired tests to your cart. Enter the gift card code in the shopping cart under. Click ‘Apply coupon’. The price is then updated. Click ‘Go to checkout’. 

If you have received a gift card through GoGift, enter the gift card code (not the order number) at checkout. 

The Puhti gift card cannot be used at the register of Mehiläinen’s laboratory; when paying with a gift card, the order must be placed on the Puhti website before visiting the laboratory for the tests. 

You can place an order on the Puhti website now and get tested later; the order is valid for one year. You can visit the laboratory whenever it suits you. Do not visit the laboratory if you are ill. 

The tests in the order are taken at the same time; tests in the same order cannot be divided into different testing days. 

You can add the desired individual tests to the ready-made test panels. The tests in the order are taken at the same time; tests in the same order cannot be divided into different testing days. 

If you experience any problems with payment, please check the following: 

At what point did the problem occur, on the Puhti page or on the bank’s page? If you have any problems with your bank’s website, please contact the bank. 

Is there a maintenance break on your bank’s website? Wait about an hour and then try the payment again. If there is still a problem, please contact Puhti’s customer service, for example via the chat. 

Try a different payment method. 

Check that you have filled in all the information correctly. 

Have you accepted the terms and conditions and clicked “Proceed to payment”? 

Does your device have a good network connection? 

If you are making the payment on your mobile phone, be sure to return from the online bank to the page where you placed the order after you have made the payment. 

Do you have a coupon code? Did you enter the code correctly and is the code still valid? Please note! No spaces should be typed before or after the code. 

If the previous steps did not help, please contact Puhti’s chat. 

If you want make changes to the tests you have ordered, you can request a change to your order from our customer service before visiting the laboratory. You can contact us via the chat on our website or by phone (+358 (0)10 338 7049). 

If the order includes promotional or special offer products or test panels with a lower than normal price, we will not be able to refund the amount in full; in this case, we will refund the price paid for the product. If a product is exchanged for another, we will take into account the difference between the products and the lower price in the amount of refund. 

Please note that we do not make changes to an order that has already been used. In other words, any changes to the order must be made before visiting the laboratory. After visiting the laboratory, we will not refund used orders or parts thereof.