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Gift card for Puhti tests

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Could a gift for a loved one be about well-being? Through laboratory packages, your loved one will gain knowledge about their own health condition. A Puhti gift card is an excellent gift idea for someone who is interested in taking even better care of their health. The recipient of the gift card must be over 15 years old and have Finnish online banking credentials to place an order on the Puhti online store.

Monitoring and maintaining one’s own health through laboratory tests is easy. All tests can be ordered without a doctor’s referral. Sample collection is available at over 75 locations in 50 different cities throughout Finland!

The recipient of the gift can use the gift card for ready-made test packages or assemble their own package from individual tests.

The recipient of the gift card must have online banking credentials in order to use the gift card for ordering from Puhti’s website.

The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Purchasing and using the gift card is easy

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a gift card for the amount you choose.
  2. Fill in your own information during the order process.
  3. You will receive the gift card code in your email. You can forward the code or write it on a card. You can also have the code sent directly to the recipient’s email; in this case, the code will be delivered to them immediately.
  4. The recipient of the gift card selects their desired products from Puhti’s website and adds them to the shopping cart. In the shopping cart, the recipient enters the gift card code in the “Add gift card or code” section and clicks “Apply coupon.”
  5. The recipient of the gift visits the nearest laboratory for sample collection at a convenient time. The results usually come back as soon as the next business day.

Please remind the recipient that the gift card cannot be used as a payment method at the laboratory’s cashier. The order with the gift card must be made through Puhti’s online store before going for the test.

The gift card cannot be used for payment for medical services.

Easy-to-read results report

We want to help you have more energy and feel better, not to exhaust you with complicated reports.

You will get an easy-to-read report of your results. The report shows all the results as a simple bar graph. You can easily see if your results fall within the reference values.

You will also learn what the values mean and how they can be affected with lifestyle choices, for example.

If necessary, you can order a remote consultation with a doctor after the tests as a separate service, or you can print out the results and bring them to your doctor’s appointment.


All individuals who are 15 years or older, have Finnish bankID as well as a Finnish personal identity code, can place a Puhti order.

You can view the results in the My journal service. The service requires strong authentication with Finnish banking credentials. 

We clearly illustrate which values fall within the reference values and what the values mean. After all the results have been completed, they can be printed or downloaded in PDF format. 

If you wish, you can order a doctor’s consultation directly in the My journal service for an additional fee. Our service does not automatically include a personal interpretation or diagnosis of your results by a doctor. If you suspect a disease or have symptoms, always consult a doctor. 

Add the desired tests to your cart. Enter the gift card code in the shopping cart under. Click ‘Apply coupon’. The price is then updated. Click ‘Go to checkout’. 

If you have received a gift card through GoGift, enter the gift card code (not the order number) at checkout. 

The Puhti gift card cannot be used at the register of Mehiläinen’s laboratory; when paying with a gift card, the order must be placed on the Puhti website before visiting the laboratory for the tests. 

The order must always be filled in with the details of the person to be tested. If you want to order tests as a gift for someone else, gift cards are available. The gift card is used in Puhti’s online store, and the recipient of the gift can decide which test package they want to order. 

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